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  • Interior Decorators & Art Consultants

    Welcome to Art Consulting Asia, where aesthetic meets fine art and design and creativity knows no bounds: Our multicultural creative team is a passionate group of art consultants, art curators, interior decorators, real-estate photographers and videographers, all dedicated to elevating spaces through the transformative power of art and design.

Interior Decoration Studio in Bangkok

Art Consulting Asia is a one-stop service, interior decoration studio, focused on art and aesthetics. We provide businesses and individuals with turnkey solutions, including space planning, home staging, interior decoration, art-related services (or art consultancy, or art consulting), real-estate photography and video (interior/exterior), and project management. We specialise in enhancing the visual appeal and overall beauty of interior spaces; we focus on transforming indoor spaces into visually captivating, functional, and stylish settings that align with the preferences and needs of our clients. Our mission is enrich any property with art and decorative solutions, giving them a soulful touch.

Passionate about art, interior and design, we bring spaces to life

We work on various projects that demand distinct knowledge and expertise related to art and design. As experienced art consultants and curators, interior decorators and designers, visual artists and architects, we take pride in delivering high-quality bespoke solutions that celebrate the harmonious fusion of art and design. Whether it's a private residence, office, shop, boutique hotel, bar, restaurant, spa and well-being center, or any hospitality establishment, we are dedicated to crafting captivating and immersive environments that inspire, engage, and evoke emotions. Our creative team members collaborate seamlessly, fostering an unparalleled synergy, and establishing Art Consulting Asia as a leader in the realm of art-driven interior design.


After a seven-month motorbike journey in 2010, spanning over 22,000 km across Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia), Eric Monteil, a French entrepreneur with a passion for art, culture, and travel, settled in Bangkok in January 2011. There, he opened the contemporary art gallery Rock Around Asia, which has played a significant role in promoting and enhancing local emerging artists.

Eric's commitment to the art world extends beyond this single initiative. By founding Art Consulting Asia, a company specializing in interior decoration, and launching MyArtsome, a social media platform dedicated to connecting visual artists with individuals and businesses, he has merged his passion for art with a pronounced aesthetic sense. His company offers turnkey services and solutions for integrating art and decorative objects into living spaces, both for professionals (hotels, offices, bars, restaurants, etc.) and private individuals. It also provides home staging, space planning, and real estate photography and video services.

With a true passion for art, museums, history, traditions, and cultural activities in general, and a particular fondness for Bangkok, Eric launched Rock Around Bangkok to connect adults, teenagers, children, families, friends and businesses with Bangkok's cultural heritage and Thai history, and lead them through. Rock Around Bangkok offers visitors a unique immersive and educational experience and provides businesses with culturally oriented team-building activities.