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Home staging a luxurious 3-bedroom penthouse boasting 190 sqm of living space at Swan Lake Residence in Khao Yai (Thailand).

Swan Lake Residence in Khao Yai seamlessly combines opulence with the natural world, set in the picturesque Khao Yai area of Thailand. The complex features several units across a seven-story building, predominantly offering two-bedroom configurations. Launched in March 2018, this development comprises 59 units over five levels, each providing sweeping views. The residence prioritizes a harmonious existence with nature, located in the midst of the breathtaking Khao Yai National Park, a site recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surrounded by verdant forests and tranquil lakes, the property provides a peaceful and serene living atmosphere. With over 40,000 trees, a variety of wildlife, in excess of 50,000 koi fish, and both white and black swans, the area is a thriving and diverse ecosystem. Adding to its charm are seven lakes that enhance the scenic beauty of the property. Swan Lake Residence is envisioned as an exclusive vacation condominium, with a focus on privacy. This sense of exclusivity is further enriched by the natural environment, offering a distinctive living experience that merges the comfort of luxury with the calmness of the natural world.