La Rosa is a contemporary art gallery located underneath La Rosa Bistro & Pub in Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This modern art space  hosts monthly curated group and solo exhibitions of emerging Vietnamese artists and propose an innovative platform to directly connect with them on Silapix.com

Contemporary Art Gallery

La Rosa Contemporary Art Gallery ideally located underneath La Rosa Bistro Shop (basement) in Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

Emerging Artists Vietnam

We host monthly curated group and solo exhibitions of emerging Vietnamese artists and propose an innovative platform to directly connect with them on Silapix.com

Connect with local Vietnamese artists

Silapix.com is the first platform which allows professionals (interior designers, architects, developers, etc.) and collectors to directly connect with emerging Vietnamese artists

Sustainable opportunities

Art Consulting Asia, Silapix.com and La Rosa Contemporary Art Gallery together is an innovative approach to provide emerging artists with sustainable business opportunities.

Exhibitions Program


La Rosa Contemporary Art Gallery

In exclusive partnership with Art Consulting Asia and Silapix.com, La Rosa Contemporary Art Gallery in Thao Dien is committed to source a network of emerging Vietnamese artists in order to provide them with sustainable business opportunities and direct connections with Interior Designers. We intend to organize two exhibitions per month featuring one new emerging artist per art show. Ideally located underneath la Rosa Bistro in Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, this modern venue can be privatized for specific events.

Emerging Vietnamese Artists

If you are an emerging Vietnamese artist interested to exhibit your work at La Rosa Contemporary Art Gallery, please contact us to apply and send your portfolio. According to the art industry classification, an emerging artist is at the beginning of his/her artistic career. He/she may still be an art student or recently graduated and have yet to create a large body of work or exhibit at many art galleries. Such artist price point falls between $50 and $5,000.

La Rosa Contemporary Art Gallery sources and promote a network of emerging Vietnamese artists.
La Rosa Contemporary Art Gallery provides emerging Vietnamese artists with sustainable business opportunities.
Art Rotation at St. Regis Bangkok
Art Rotation at St. Regis Bangkok
Art Rotation at St. Regis Bangkok

Providing emerging artists with business opportunities

Studies find that becoming a successful artist is more about who the artist knows than how creative or original his or her art is. Any successful artist was once an emerging artist and it's also well known that artists are not the best placed either to promote themselves or to find their clients. The relationship between art, interior design and architecture is complex and Art Consulting Asia was established to develop Silapix.com and assist businesses in meeting these challenges. Curated by Art Consulting Asia, Silapix.com is the first online art resource which allows professionals (interior designers, architects, art consultants, curators, property developers, etc.) to directly connect with international and Vietnamese artists. Silapix.com is specifically designed to be a daily working tool dedicated to interior designers worldwide. Art Consulting Asia is an innovative one-stop art-related agency based in Saigon, providing the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors with art consultancy, project management and digital services.

Connecting artists with interior designers

Every interior designer needs original works of art, but few artists embark on new projects with the sole purpose of making art for interior designers. Some artists are reluctant because of their own perception of the decorative or commercial aspects of the interior design but forget that interior design can directly connect the public with the artist and his/her works. A traditional art space was once the main venue for art enthusiasts but nowadays works are more likely to be encountered in completed commercial or public spaces. Fostering relationships with the people deciding how art exhibits in these spaces is one of the most direct ways for contemporary artists to reach the public at large. What can interested artists do to better understand this potential with interior design? They can start by considering the factors that make artworks compliment the environments designers create. Interior design is an art and science whose purpose is to enhance the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. To be useful to interior designers, artworks should be pleasing to look at, enriching to contemplate, and non-competitive with the intended uses of a space.

Building the first sustainable online art market

Art is a powerful medium which gives any property a soul by enhancing the interior design and the general mood. It is also the best way to connect with local cultures. Access to works of art should be open to the greatest number of people, in particular to companies that welcome customers, partners, collaborators, etc. The lack of transparency which pervades the art market and is maintained by the conservative nature of this market, acts to deter investment by companies. Meanwhile, thousands of talented emerging artists around the world who lack connections are struggling to make a living. Silapix.com aims to tackle these issues by giving emerging artists sustainable opportunities and brings transparency to the art market. Based on a business-to-business strategy combined with a real-time artist rating index (algorithm), Silapix.com intends to become the first reliable online art market. The purpose is to produce a paradigm shift for the art industry within ten years.

Curator's bio

Based in Saigon, Eric Monteil is a French ‘worldwide citizen’ born as a creative entrepreneur, also founder and managing director of Art Consulting Asia and Silapix.com. He grew up as a gentle rebel and studied ‘rational sciences’ at university in Paris. Latterly he graduated with an Executive MBA. Eric worked as an innovator in various industries: finance, IT, cosmetics and air sports before flying beyond his own horizons to ‘Rock Around Asia’ on a motorcycle in 2010. That’s how he came into art with a new proposal for the art industry, focused on serving the hospitality sector. The promotion of art and culture remains the project of his life, his absolute passion, his mission on earth, his contribution to art history and nothing can stop it, because “Art is Art, and everything else is everything else” (Fredrick Adolph “Ad” Reinhardt).