Spacious 3-bedroom penthouse with 190 square meters of living space for sale. Home staging makes your property appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling it more swiftly and for more money.

Swan Lake Residence Khao Yai

Swan Lake Residence Khao Yai, situated in the picturesque Khao Yai area of Thailand, merges opulence with the essence of nature. This property, completed in March 2018, comprises several units distributed over seven stories, primarily featuring two-bedroom condos. The project encompasses 59 units across five levels, each offering sweeping panoramic views.

Set against the backdrop of the stunning Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the residence is immersed in the area's natural splendor. Its location among lakes and dense forests provides a peaceful and serene living space.

The property is a haven for biodiversity, housing over 40,000 trees, a variety of wildlife, more than 50,000 koi fish, and both white and black swans. It further boasts seven lakes, contributing to its scenic allure.

Swan Lake Residence is designed as a private vacation condo, prioritizing exclusivity and solitude. This sense of privacy is harmoniously blended with the natural environment, offering a distinctive living experience that combines luxury with the calm of the natural world.

In summary, Swan Lake Residence Khao Yai is an ideal choice for those who desire a lavish lifestyle that is seamlessly integrated with nature.

Home staging services offered:

­čö╗Identify crucial areas for effective staging.
­čö╗Create a neutral and impersonal atmosphere in the space.
­čö╗Remove clutter to establish a clean and welcoming environment.
­čö╗Perform extensive cleaning to present the house in its finest condition. ­čö╗Carry out necessary patching and repairs for a perfect look.
­čö╗Use neutral color palettes to attract a wider range of potential buyers. ­čö╗Aim to make a strong and lasting initial impression.
­čö╗Stress the need to bring new elements into the area.
­čö╗Improve lighting to make the space brighter.
­čö╗Arrange furniture in a way that optimizes space and flow.
­čö╗Clearly demonstrate the purpose and use of each room.
­čö╗Select artwork that enhances the home's overall style.
­čö╗Add plants to introduce energy and color to the environment. ­čö╗Incorporate a variety of textures and colors for visual interest. ­čö╗Strategically design the layout for effective space utilization.
­čö╗Produce and edit photos and videos.
­čö╗Manage online marketing campaigns on YouTube.
Home staging services for this spacious 3-bedroom penthouse with 190 square meters of living space for sale