Art Consulting Asia is an innovative Saigon-based, art focused, one-stop service agency. We provide the hospitality, residential, commercial and cultural sectors with art-related services: consultancy, project management, art rotation program, curatorial assistance and direct connection with emerging and mi-career artists on Silapix.com

Finding the right works of art for interior designers

The relationship between art and interior design is complex. Art Consulting Asia was established to develop Silapix.com and assist businesses in meeting these challenges.  Every interior designer has an ongoing need for original fine art. But few fine artists embark on the creation of new work with the stated intention of making art for interior designers. Some artists are suspicious of the decorative or commercial aspects of interior design. Yet interior designers directly connect the public with artists. Viewers today are more likely to encounter a work of art in a built commercial or public environment than in a traditional art space. One of the most direct ways for contemporary artists to reach the culture at large is by fostering relationships with the people deciding how art inhabits the public sphere. How can interested artists better understand the potential of their relationship to interior design? They can start by considering the factors that make artworks coalesce with the environments designers create.

Understanding Interior Design
Interior designers engage in a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants and are aesthetically attractive. In other words, to be useful to interior designers, artworks should be pleasing to look at, enriching to contemplate, and non-competitive with the intended uses of a space.

Abstract works best
Beauty, contemplativeness and functionality can be achieved through any artistic position. But most interior designers prefer to incorporate abstract art when creating a modern space. Viewers tend to first interpret objective figurative artwork according to its subject matter. If that subject matter seems more compelling than the environment itself, the artwork can become a distraction rather than an enhancement. Abstract art is therefore far more versatile. It can be the focal point if necessary, or it can be utilized in a way that its formal qualities alone converse with the space, allowing viewers to contemplate the art within the larger context of the environment. Silapix.com, Art Consulting Thailand’s proprietary website, includes a vast selection of contemporary abstract alternatives.

Scale and proportion
Interior designers like artworks that can help them address as much space as possible within their budget. But since every built environment is different, it is impossible to offer specifics about what defines a big work of art. Scale and proportion are the real problems, not size. That’s why art consultants should be involved in early stage during the specification process - a primary role of Art Consulting Thailand.

Complimentary colors
Many interior design projects focus on residential homes or hospitality-related businesses, spaces that require a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. Color is a major concern for such environments. The colors in the art do not have to match the environment; they simply must complement it.

Be original
Every interior designer cherishes originality. The whole idea of hiring a professional art consultant implies a desire for uniqueness.  The wide range of art and artists available on the Silapix.com site provides for finding that unique match.