Art Consulting Asia surveys contemporary Southeast Asian art through the lens of the market by the selection of some interesting news and blogs links. It shows the role of auction houses and their symbiotic relationship to primary markets and the role and growing relevance of private collectors and collections. We also propose links related to the art history and techniques specifics to the art within this region.

Philippines Art Fair Philippines 2020 biggest yet

February 19, 2020 / Art & Market
Art Fair Philippines is back for its biggest edition with a record number of 61 participating galleries, a substantial increase from the 24 exhibitors in its 2013 inaugural showcase. Sticking with its ethos of fostering appreciation for modern and contemporary Filipino art, 42 galleries will come from the Philippines itself, and the remaining 19 will see exhibitors from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and more. The fair is set to take place at its usual location of The Link carpark in Makati City from 21 to 23 February 2020.

Vietnam / Nguyen Art Foundation’s vision for Vietnamese art: Conversation with Quynh Nguyen

February 17, 2020 / Art & Market
Quynh Nguyen founded Nguyen Art Foundation in 2018. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, its mission is to preserve and promote art at home and abroad by supporting artists through acquisitions and commissions. Together with Sàn Art and MoT+++, the foundation also runs the international art residency A. Farm for both local and foreign artists to facilitate exchanges of ideas, and offers funded residencies to artists from Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asia. As part of a long-term plan to develop the Vietnamese art scene, the foundation has partnered with EMASI and the Renaissance International School Saigon. Artworks are exhibited on campus and students are given the opportunity to interact regularly with artists for an immersive art education.

Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh's city art guide

April 15, 2019 / The Artling
Ho Chi Minh City’s flourishing contemporary art scene reflects its status as Vietnam’s most cosmopolitan and dynamic city. Over the past decade, Saigon has evolved from a commercial art hub to a more eclectic community of artists, gallerists, curators and educators creating platforms to promote Vietnamese contemporary art. Following a lack of infrastructure and resources during a period of recovery after the Vietnam war, artists are increasingly open to experimentation and exchange - making for a highly dynamic contemporary art scene. Many local artists are now able to draw influence from their travels and experiences outside Vietnam, which hasn’t been possible until recent years. The arts scene in Ho Chi Minh City feels vibrant but down-to-earth, with a number of exciting local artists beginning to make waves internationally and a range of artistic spaces popping up to nurture these artists and feed the growing appetite for visual art.

Asia / Geo-politics of the contemporary art market: Asia ranks #2

Report 2019 / Artprice
Hong Kong accounts for nearly half (46%) of the Contemporary Art market in Asia and 14% of the global market. The city’s exceptional performance in 2018/19 – up 56% – put it ahead of Beijing. Hong Kong is now the third most dynamic city in the world after New York and London for Contemporary Art auction sales. It relies heavily on the growth of the Contemporary Art sector, which represents 21% of its overall Fine Art turnover, compared with 16% in the United States and only 8% in France.

Thailand / Thai contemporary art on top at Art Stage Singapore

January 27, 2018 / The Nation Thailand
The eight edition of the opening of Asia’s big art fair yesterday at Art Fair Singapore featured a special focus on Thailand’s contemporary art. Of the 83 galleries presented from around the globe, seven galleries from Thailand, along with three galleries plus one collector in Singapore, presented 15 Thai artists at the three-day fair.Under its geographical interaction, Art Stage Singapore 2018 remained committed in focusing its engagement on Southeast Asia and this year featured a special focus on the new and vibrant art scene flourishing in the region – Thailand.

Thailand / Venice of the East? Bangkok's inaugural biennale showcases challenging Thai art

October 25, 2018 / CNN
Contemporary art in Thailand has rarely enjoyed support from outside the private sector. And while the public infrastructure required to promote artists or assist galleries is nascent, the inaugural Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) shows that the creative industries are able to rally the resources required to host a broad-ranging program of events. The biennale, which opened this past weekend, isn't centered around one venue but, rather, spills out across temples, abandoned buildings, malls and public squares. The events' organizers are private companies and individuals instead of state officials or national institutions, though this is often the case for art biennales.

Malaysia / Art market Malaysia: A platform for aspiring artists

August 11, 2018 / New Straits Time
The woman is Hazrita Mohd Hatta, the founder of Art Market Malaysia, which was created to raise the standard of art and provide local aspiring artists with a platform to present their work to the public. As an aspiring artist, it’s important to build a portfolio first and Hazrita, who has a background in sales and marketing, essentially acts as the middle person. Having worked in the field for about 20 years, she uses her skills to promote and sell artists’ works through events and the media.

Philippines / How important is the Philippines to the Asian art market?

March 27, 2018 / CNN
In 2012, Brisbane- and Manila-based artist duo Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan created a large-scale installation made of cardboard boxes supported by steel scaffolding to represent the stilt settlements of the Badjao or the sea gypsies in the Philippines. The installation, “In Habit: Project Another Country,” toured Australia and Japan from 2013 to 2015. This year, a reinterpretation of this show — the cardboard boxes are flattened to make collagraphs that mirror bomb sites, which are all representations of the fallibility and vulnerability of homes — will be one of the highlights at Art Basel Hong Kong.

Vietnam / Vietnamese art has never been more popular - but the market is full of fakes

August 11, 2017 / The New York Times
The exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City was billed as a triumphant homecoming for works by some of Vietnam’s most influential artists. But Nguyen Thanh Chuong, a prominent artist himself, was stunned by what he saw. Hanging on the wall was a painting he recognized as his own, a Cubist-inspired portrait he did in the early 1970s. But instead of his name, the canvas bore the signature of one of Vietnam’s best-known artists, Ta Ty, and the date 1952. “I could not believe my eyes,” he said. “It made my hair stand on end.”

Vietnam / Evolution of contemporary art in Vietnam since the end of 19th century

March 25, 2014 / VietnamArtists.com
During the past few years, Vietnamese Modern Art has assumed a more definite shape. ‘Doi Moi’, or Vietnam’s Perestroika, introduced in 1986, has provided artists with more freedom. At the end of the eighties, this resulted in a booming in Vietnamese painting. Hundreds of artists participated in various exhibitions which were held in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh-City, Hue, and Danang. Just a few years ago, it was still impossible for Vietnamese artists to achieve international success. However, as a result of the recent economic developments in Vietnam, like the arrival of the foreign investors, the Vietnamese art market has grown dramatically and has attracted the attention of the foreign community.