Hao Quach: Art curator & Community Manager

12.03.21 07:23 PM By Eric Monteil

Being an art curator by passion for art

Hao Quach is the Community Manager Vietnam of Silapix.com and the Art Curator at Art Consulting Asia. Born in 1994 in a small village in Southern Vietnam, as a spiritual person, Hao has been constantly questioning his very own existence. With art, he finds himself another reason to celebrate his being. His sincere appreciation for beauty is what makes him a great art curator.

Hao was born and raised in a remote rural area. He was always curious about what life really was like in other parts of Vietnam and the world. Studying English has opened plenty of doors for him. After his graduation from University of Finance and Marketing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, majoring in English Literature, he has been to places and met multiple people in Asia. Then he began to contemplate what life and his existence is all about.  He decided to embark on an adventure to find the answers. At the same time, he was working in the Customer Service Industry in different multicultural companies. As a freelancer, he is an English coach, content writer for an architectural firm, translator, proofreader and interpreter.

Then he found art when he was at the height of his existential crisis. Art allows him to relate himself with other human beings. It also helps him to transcend his pain and sufferings into beauty and fulfilment. Through a mutual friend, Hao had the privilege to meet with Eric Monteil, an art curator, also founder of Art Consulting Asia and Silapix.com to whom he proposed to join his team as art curator. Intrigued by his curiosity, he decided to give it a try as he’s always been a fan of art since as long as he can remember.

Having been immersed in the Vietnam art scene, Hao envisions to help Vietnamese emerging and mid-career artists sustain their career with the transparent art market that Eric has been building in order for them to make significant contributions to the collection of Vietnamese contemporary art.