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We give any property a soul with bespoke works of art

Art consulting services

Art Consulting Asia is an innovative Bangkok-based, art focused, one-stop service agency. We provide the hospitality, residential, commercial and cultural sectors with art consultancy, project management, art rotation for hotels (exhibitions), curatorial assistance, digital services and direct connection with emerging and mid-career artists worldwide. Our mission is to give any property a soul by enhancing the interior design with bespoke works of art. Regardless of our clients’ needs, we always strive to help them conceptualize ideas, monitor, and manage their projects through to completion. Upon our ten years experience within the art industry, we provide our clients with high-end quality of service, reliable market information with regards to the art and we always deliver our work on time.
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How does art consulting work?


The art consulting process starts from the reception of the Client's brief. Then, we study the interior design concept in order to come up with one or multiple art direction(s) to enhance the interior design for the Client to choose from. Upon the approval of the selected art direction(s), we will then identify the artwork specifications and placements. Next, we begin researching and sourcing artists. We will then finalize the budget after the selection of artist(s) is approved. Finally, we will provide the Client with a report of the art consulting part in order that the artists can proceed further with the production of the works of art This is how it works and Client is charged a fee for both art consulting (step 1) and production management (step 2).

Working together

The first step before starting working together is to sign an agreement for art consulting (step 1) and production management (step 2). Upon our ten years experience within the art industry, we provide our clients with high-end quality of service, reliable market information with regards to the art and we always deliver our work on time.
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Artwork budget

Most of the time, Clients have little to no ideas with regards to the artwork budget and request us to provide a quotation for the artworks. Since there maybe multiple directions to select styles and artists (from emerging to mid-career or established status), which is time-consuming, the establishment of the final budget for the artworks is a part of the scope of work (art consultancy) in collaboration with the interior designers and the owner of the property. We advise Clients to allocate a theoretical budget for the artworks and we will research within this budget to come up with different directions in addition or reduction of more or less 20% of the theoretical budget.

Artist sourcing

We manage a growing community of emerging and mid-career local and international visual artists. We have handpicked each and every artist in terms of style, diversity of techniques and genre and quality. We believe all of them have the talent and potential to excel in their career.

Emerging, Mid-career and Established Artists

Pricewise, acquiring art is a delicate operation because, unfortunately, art is subject to many tangible and intangible variables that influence the establishment of the price. The first indicator to consider as a guideline is the status of the artist (emerging, mid-career and established), which follows an international standard split into three categories as described below:
  • An emerging artist is someone who’s in the early stage of his or her career. Someone who’s caught the eye of an art critic and/or gallery but hasn’t yet established a solid reputation as an artist amongst art critics, art buyers, and art galleries. Independent of his or her chronological age, this individual has created a modest independent body of work.
  • A mid-career artist is an artist who has created an independent body of work over a number of years and who has received regional or national recognition through publications or public presentations of his or her work. A Mid-career Artist has had a significant number of solo exhibitions at significant galleries and museums, located nationally or internationally.
  • An established artist has created an extensive body of independent work. He or she has reached an advanced level of achievement by sustaining a nationally or internationally recognized contribution to the discipline, and his or her work’s value has been decided through consistent years of sales and confirmed at auction.

For artists of the first two categories, we can’t count on fixed variables: prices can be subject to market dynamics established, for the most part, by gallery owners who, through more or less reasonable means, make the an artist’s price quotations fluctuate (although the art market has refocused its goals on short-lived commercial success rather than careers) based on the media exposition of the artists, on their CV or exhibitions, or even on the artwork's material.

For the established artists in the third category whose audience are wealthy people, there are more conventional prices, which are set by various factors such as: international acclaim and appreciation for individual contributions of the art that is backed up by a line of solo and group exhibitions in significant institutions and an impressive body of work.

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Regardless of your needs in terms of art-related services, we always strive to help you conceptualize ideas, monitor, and manage your project through to completion. We are based in Vietnam and we deliver our work worldwide.

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