We, as art consultants and interior decorators, offer expert guidance and support in the world of art: our purpose is to help clients navigate the art market, make informed decisions, and build their collections. We provide the hospitality, commercial, residential and cultural sectors with art-related services (or art consulting, or art consultancy), personalized recommendations, art sourcing, procurement, commission, valuation, and assist in curating spaces to enhance the aesthetic and cultural value of art.

Art-related services, or art consulting, or art consultancy, encompass a broad range of activities that involve advising clients on art acquisition, placement, and management. These services are typically sought by corporate entities, private collectors, hotels, healthcare facilities, and other organizations looking to enhance their spaces with art.

Art consulting & interior decoration tasks.

Client Assessment:

  • Understanding the client's needs, preferences, budget, and the space where the artwork will be displayed.

Art Selection and Acquisition:

  • Sourcing artwork from galleries, artists, and auctions.
  • Advising clients on purchases based on their objectives, space, and budget.
  • Negotiating prices and terms of sale.

Collection Management:

  • Cataloging and managing existing art collections.
  • Advising on the care, conservation, and insurance of artworks.

Installation and Display:
  • Designing the layout for art installation.
  • Overseeing the transportation and installation of artworks.
  • Ensuring proper lighting and environmental conditions for displayed art.

Custom Commissions:
  • Facilitating the commissioning of custom artworks by connecting clients with artists.

Market Analysis and Appraisals:
  • Providing clients with market insights and valuations for artwork.

Educational Services:
  • Offering guidance and education about art history, artists, and art appreciation to clients.

Collaborations and Events:
  • Organizing art-related events, exhibitions, or collaborations to enhance the visibility of a collection or space.

Art Rotation Programs:

  • Developing programs for rotating artworks in corporate or public spaces to keep the display dynamic and engaging.

What is an art consultant?

An art consultant is a professional whose role is deeply rooted in both the appreciation of art and the practicalities of the art market. At the core of an art consultant's profile is a substantial academic foundation, typically in art history, fine arts, or a related discipline. This educational background often extends to advanced degrees, signifying a profound understanding of art, its historical evolution, and the intricacies of market trends.

Experience plays a critical role in shaping an art consultant's expertise. Many successful consultants boast a rich history of involvement in the art world, having worked in galleries, museums, or as independent curators. This experience is more than a mere professional milestone; it endows them with a deep understanding of the inner workings of the art world, including essential relationships with artists and insights into the dynamics of the art market.

The skills and knowledge that an art consultant brings to the table are multifaceted. A pronounced artistic insight is paramount, marked by a discerning eye for aesthetics and a comprehensive grasp of diverse art forms and styles. Their expertise is not just about appreciating art but also about understanding the ebb and flow of the art market. This includes staying abreast of current trends, being knowledgeable about pricing, and understanding the nuances of art acquisition and sale.

Networking forms the backbone of an art consultant's effectiveness. Their connections span artists, galleries, and art institutions, creating a web of relationships that are essential for successful art consultancy. Equally important is their ability to comprehend and interpret clients' needs. This involves not just recognizing clients' preferences but also understanding the context in which the art will be placed, ensuring that their choices resonate with the clients' environments and aspirations.

At a personal level, art consultants are distinguished by a blend of creativity and vision, complemented by excellent communication skills. Their passion for art is not just a professional requirement; it's a driving force that fuels their work. Furthermore, the ability to build and maintain trust with clients is a critical aspect of their role. This combination of attributes enables art consultants to bridge the gap between the art world and those seeking to enrich their spaces and lives with art.

In summary, an art consultant's profile is a tapestry woven from academic knowledge, practical experience, a diverse skill set, and personal attributes that collectively empower them to guide clients through the complex and often subjective world of art.
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Project: March McLennan (Singapore)

Our journey began with a comprehensive consulting phase, encompassing specification establishment, design research, artist sourcing, and the selection of the esteemed Dong Sculpture. Through meticulous planning and dedication, we oversaw the entire process, including mock-up work, seamless production, and efficient logistics management covering packing, delivery, and installation. We are delighted to have achieved this milestone in May 2022, delivering an exceptional art installation that perfectly complements Marsh McLennan's space. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensured a harmonious fusion of artistic vision and corporate identity, enriching the environment for all who experience it. As Art Consulting Asia, we take immense pride in bringing art to life and transforming spaces into captivating experiences.

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Project: Fusion Original Saigon Centre.

Introducing Miss Thu, an embodiment of extraordinary life experiences that captivate and enchant all who step into her exquisitely curated world. With an air of cultured sophistication, she blends cosmopolitan allure with a daring enigma, embracing both modernity and timeless traditions. Inspired by her Indochinese heritage and enriched by her unique journey of exploration, Miss Thu exudes a graceful elegance that has become the talk of the town. To commemorate her remarkable journey, emerging Vietnamese artist Phu Thien Hoang was commissioned to illustrate Miss Thu's life story. Through two mesmerizing mixed-media paintings, the 24th-floor restaurant now resonates with her soul, capturing the essence of her fascinating narrative. Step into the immersive world of Miss Thu, where the boundaries of art, culture, and emotion seamlessly intertwine, inviting you on a journey of wonder and inspiration. Discover the magic that lies within her captivating tale and the vibrant artwork that adorns the restaurant, celebrating a life well-lived and an ever-inspiring spirit.

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Project: Me Linh Point Tower Saigon.

This marks our inaugural partnership with Frasers Property Vietnam for the prestigious Me Linh Point Tower in Ho Chi Minh City. We are delighted to have collaborated with the talented Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Duc  Lam, who has masterfully completed a bespoke painting measuring 4x2m for this project. From the initial briefing phase to the meticulous research and creative process, our art consulting project has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to excellence. The creation of this unique masterpiece has been a culmination of artistic vision and expertise. Throughout this project, we have diligently ensured that every step adheres to our high standards, guaranteeing a seamless installation of the artwork within the property. Such an art consulting endeavor exemplifies the dedication and passion we bring to delivering exceptional results for our valued clients. As we continue to forge new collaborations and celebrate the power of art in shaping spaces, we remain committed to offering unparalleled art consultancy services, consistently pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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Project: Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Bangkok.

Soho Hospitality sought a comprehensive turnkey solution to elevate their recently renovated guest rooms. Collaborating closely with our team of designers, we meticulously crafted specifications aligned with a fixed budget, ensuring it was not exceeded. Embracing the vibrant essence of Bangkok's ultra-urbanization, we conceptualized a captivating theme. To bring our vision to life, we commissioned a talented Spanish artist to create an exclusive series of 25 original paintings. These masterpieces were thoughtfully printed on high-quality canvas, resulting in 506 exquisite pieces. Each artwork was then tastefully framed and strategically installed, adorning not only the guest rooms but also the lift lobbies across all 22 floors. The fusion of exceptional art with contemporary design has bestowed a truly immersive and captivating experience upon every guest at Soho Hospitality's property. Our collaboration has successfully transformed the spaces into captivating urban oases that reflect the soul of Bangkok's vibrant cityscape.

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Project: Quan Spa Marriott Bangkok.

To address the issue of reflections on the ceiling caused by the oxygenation nozzles in the Quan Spa lobby pond, we developed an innovative solution – crafting acrylic lotus leaves to cover the nozzles. These intricately designed lotus leaves, created by a talented Thai artist, were skillfully installed over each nozzle, effectively obstructing the air inlets. As a result, the unwanted reflections were immediately eliminated, transforming the once unremarkable water pond into a mesmerizing and enchanting lotus pond.

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Project: MTV Exit Bangkok.

YMTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) is an impactful initiative launched by the MTV EXIT Foundation with the aim of raising awareness and enhancing prevention efforts against human trafficking and modern slavery. Recently, we established our office in the vibrant city of Bangkok. However, we noticed that the open space's ambiance was subdued due to dull gray walls, which didn't reflect the energy and spirit of our cause. To inject life and positivity into the workplace, we decided to commission a talented street artist. The artist's task was to create five captivating murals that seamlessly blend modern themes with rich Thai traditions. These murals not only serve to brighten up the atmosphere but also symbolize the fusion of global efforts in combating exploitation and preserving local heritage. Through this creative transformation, our office space has now become a source of inspiration and motivation for our team, partners, and visitors alike. Each mural conveys a powerful message, serving as a constant reminder of the significance of our mission and the importance of collaborative action in putting an end to human trafficking. With these remarkable murals adorning our walls, we believe that our workplace will continue to foster a sense of unity and determination in the fight against exploitation, ultimately contributing to the greater cause of creating a world free from the chains of modern slavery.

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Project: Aloft Hotel Bangkok.

Nestled in the heart of a vibrant travel destination, Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 shines as an urban gem. Following its recent opening, the visionary owner sought to elevate the hotel's ambiance by enhancing the interior design of the lobby, bar, and restaurant with captivating contemporary art. Tasked with this exciting challenge, our team was invited to conceptualize a creative vision and collaborate with renowned international artists to craft exquisite bespoke paintings and photographs. Together, we aim to transform the spaces into captivating havens that inspire and delight guests throughout their stay.