Creative Art and Interior Design Consultants

Art Consulting Asia is an Innovative One-stop Service Art Tech Agency. Based in Saigon, we provide the hospitality, residential and commercial sectors in Southeast Asia with art-related services: consultancy, project management, art rotation, digital and curatorial production. Our mission is to give any property a soul by enhancing the interior design with bespoke works of art. Whatever clients needs, we will help conceptualize, monitor and manage any art-related project through to completion.

We connect artists with interior designers and architects on Silapix.com
Silapix.com is a unique art curated platform (social network marketplace) that allows interior designers, architects, property developers, art consultants and curators to directly connect with local and international artists. Silapix.com tackles social issues by providing emerging artists with sustainable opportunities. Silapix Index, a real-time artist rating algorithm, intends to disrupt the conservative art market to make it understandable and more transparent for all.

Our story

Since opening his first art space in Bangkok (Rock Around Asia Art Gallery) in 2011, Eric Monteil has constantly been working on bringing a new vision to setup an efficient art market in Thailand to reality, by initiating an industry paradigm shift through new technologies, launching Silapix.com, the first professional platform to connect artists with the hospitality, residential, commercial and cultural sectors. His passion for art and interior decoration has been constant for many years. Eric realized he could launch a business in this field during 2010 whilst he spent seven months travelling on a motorcycle throughout Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia). On his journey, he met numerous talented local artists and craftsmen who were struggling to sell their art and make a living. This is when and how the idea of Rock Around Asia Art Gallery was born, forming the beginning of Art Consulting Thailand, Silapix.com and Art Consulting Asia, a long amazing and enthralling story to tell.

​Founder Managing director

Eric Monteil is the Founder Managing Director of Art Consulting Asia and Silapix.com, art consultant, curator and photographer. Eric is French but he considers himself as a worldwide citizen. Born as a creative entrepreneur, he has a true passion for innovation, art, curatorship and anything related to culture. He grew up as a gentle rebel and studied chemistry and physics at university in Paris. Latterly he graduated with an Executive MBA. Eric worked as an innovator in various industries: finance, IT, cosmetics and air sports before flying beyond his own horizons to “Rock Around Asia” on a motorcycle in 2010. That’s how he came into art with a new proposal for the art industry, focused on serving the hospitality, residential, commercial and cultural sectors. Eric’s vision intends to use new technologies to build the first sustainable online art market for businesses and bring transparency to the art industry. The promotion of art and culture remains the project of his life, his absolute passion, his mission on earth, his contribution to art history and nothing can stop it, because “Art is Art, and everything else is everything else” (Fredrick Adolph “Ad” Reinhardt).,